This Reality Podcast – a new home

The success of This Reality Podcast (who would have thought, when that project was first started, that I’d ever use those words?) has outgrown the little offshoot home here.

It’s a sad day.


Yeah, sorry. I’ll pull myself together.


As you will have guessed from the title and start, This Reality might be moving but it’s continuing.

Can you guess where it’s going?

In a fit of unusual mental clarity we’ve registered the domain name

What does this mean?
Hopefully, it should actually mean very little because, by the wonder of technology, we have set a redirect for the podcast RSS feeds. This redirect should do the equivalent of flicking a switch and making the changeover seamless.

But what if I listen through iTunes?
We have launched a special iTunes redirect which should automatically switch from our old home to the new one – with no need for you to do anything. Is this cool? If you fire up your iTunes software after the next episode has been released iTunes should get the next episode from its new location – you shouldn’t notice a thing. Well, let’s see if it works first!

What if I listen through another mp3 catcher?
Hopefully the RSS feed redirects we’ve launched will also make the necessary changes for you. But, because of the technical nature of the various mp3 catcher products, we do acknowledge that this really might not be hitch-free. And if you do have hassles, can we just say that we’re very sorry about that?. We do suggest that, just in case, you consider undertaking a manual subscription to our new feed.

Where is the new RSS feed for This Reality podcast?
It’s right here:

When will the changes take place?
We’ve already made them! This means that the redirects should be up and running in plenty of time for the next episode (which will be Episode 20 – which will have a much anticipated Gallic flavour, just for Bastille Day!).

What will happen to the old episodes?
Nothing. Our archive will stay where it’s always been. The old episodes might get moved with time but for now they’re safe there – don’t worry, they won’t be deleted!

Will anything change for people who listen on the website?
No. As well as the funky RSS functionality, this new home will also offer the same ‘Listen here’ and/or ‘Download now’ options to people who visit the website, as did the old home.

So if there any teething problems, I hope you’ll give us a little bit of time to work things out. And if there aren’t – I hope you’ll give us a big kiss and a Gold Star for getting it right.



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3 Responses to This Reality Podcast – a new home

  1. LizSara says:

    Oooh get you and your podcast poshness. i hope my iTunes updates on Sunday when i d/l my podcasts because i’m sure to have forgotten about this by then

  2. Janis says:

    Wow, very slick. I hope the technology works but if it doesn’t it should not be a problem because we know where it is going. But thank you for letting us know. 🙂

  3. Brennig says:

    Hi dudes. Muchly thanks. Slickness and me just don’t sit well together in the same sentence – you should know this by now. But I’ve been checking a a couple of feed aggregators (Podcast Ready & Blubrry) and they seem to be picking up the new feed! I just hope iTunes is – but there’s no way to validate this until the next episode. I shall have my fingers crossed until Saturday morning. 🙂