I’m going to a ‘do’ next week; it’s the Annual Event-Riders Association Ball.

Yesterday afternoon I started to dig around, to make sure that I could put my hands on everything that I needed to.

The ‘fairy-that-comes-along-and-steals-your-cufflinks-when-you-think-you-know-where-they-are’ has paid a visit.

So I’ve had to buy a new pair of cufflinks. I went for these funky little black-faced babies (not a great photo; I went for black-faced cuff-links, because the studs on the front of my dress-shirt are also black-faced):

Then I tried on my Dinner Suit because, you know, it’s important to check these things still fit.

It does.

And that’s it, really.

Shiny dress shoes? Check.

Dinner suit? Check.

Dress shirt? Check.

Bow-tie? Check.

Cuff-links? Check.

I guess I’m sorted.

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4 Responses to Balls

  1. Masher says:

    Very smart. You do appear to be missing one important thing though: a head (I assume that pic is of you).

    Y’know, I’m nearly fifty years old and I’ve never worn a pair of cufflinks.

  2. Yeh – what masher said – why are cufflinks needed? Have the buttons fallen off or sommat?

    Sounds like you will have a great time though. Tres posh!