We’re all going on on a…


I fell in to a vacant seat on the tube, fiddled with my laptop case and then looked about me.

Wished I hadn’t.

Sitting opposite was a vision in super-bright yellowness.

I mean Oh My God!

She was just so yesterday.

The Barbie Beach Girl.

Yellow sandals (but they did look like nice shoes), super-bright canary yellow dress – trimmed with white around her extremely ample cleavage.

A tiny way-too-spangly silver bolero cardigan-type top, huuuuuge sunglasses (also bright yellow).

And lots of really bad blonde hair with a massive dark area on top where her roots were coming through.

Oh yeah, and finger- and toe-nails painted silver to almost match the funny little bolero top.

At that time of day sitting on a tube in Brixton she looked a little…

Out of place.


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6 Responses to We’re all going on on a…

  1. Amy says:

    Now, I would definitely wear a bright yellow dress in the day time. In fact, I frequently do. It’s even got huge embroidered daisies around the bottom. But I’d not like all the sparkly. Sparkly is not good for the day, unless you work at Butlins.

  2. froggywoogie says:

    Hahahahaha that’s actually what I like when I’m over the pond, these odd creatures really are funny cliché to me

  3. Trixie says:

    I hope you had your sunnies at hand to save the glare on your eyes!

  4. sooz says:

    Was she heading for Canary Wharf perchance? *shuffles off cackling*!

  5. Mya says:

    Was she accessorising with a white stick?

    Mya x

  6. Brennig says:

    Mya: Sadly not. Though the sunglasses could easily have been the ones a sighticular challenged (is that right?) person might have used.

    Sooz: Oh, so you’re back are you? No calls, no letters, no emails and then bang! Here you are? Is this good enough? Well yes, I suppose it is really. Now pop your clothes off and put them over there with mine and tell me where it hurts…