More Balls


Last night (28th January 2012) was the 2011/12 Event Riders Association Ball.

The venue was Headley Stud, Newbury(ish).

The physical location was the heavily converted indoor arena.

The great and good of the Eventing world were present.

And me.


The host (Jules Stiller) and the team of organisers seized every single stop that was capable of being pulled out, and pulled them all out to maximum effect.

The setting was absolutely stunning.

The organisation (from the security through to the table service) was amazing.

And the entertainments were 99.95% awesome.

The live band could have been better, but that’s the only slightly negative comment I could make. The trouble is, when there’s a music journalist (me) at the Ball, I’m just going to notice a little detail like that.

The entire evening/night/morning was a stunning tribute to a team of people who put massive amounts of effort in to making the evening work.

And it really did work.

There are a few (discrete) pictures below but as far as a description of what went on, or what was involved, this is all you’re going to get.

I am the soul of discretion.

The usual rules apply re the photos. Click on an image once, let it load, click on it again and you’ll get the full-size picture.

A thorn between two roses


The ice-sculpture in reception


Ahem, my drinks, before the food began to arrive


Two more roses


Nial and Owen





I am already looking forward to the 2012/13 Event Riders Association Ball!

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11 Responses to More Balls

  1. Masher says:

    Ahh, so that’s why you got into equestrianism… for the totty!

    • Brennig says:

      Masher! How shallow do you think I am, for goodness sake?

      Don’t answer that.

      Yes, you’re absolutely right, I’ve never made a secret of it, as a young lad looking down the barrel of puberty, I figured out that girls were either hanging around horses or in the Guides. I couldn’t join the latter so I did the logical thing.

  2. Gumpher says:

    The ice sculpture is very impressive, nearly as impressive as your collection of drinks, but not quite!

    All very swish.

  3. Woah bren, that is surely a lesson in how to have a night out in style!! Good on you.

    Did you save me any cocktails? 😉

  4. P.S. It was also an epic morning?!! You tinker – what have you been up to?!!

    • Brennig says:

      Morning, as in, I didn’t get back to the hotel until something like 3am, that’s all. Not up to anything.

  5. Sally says:

    The ice sculputure looks amazing. Glad you had a good time.