Message in a bottle

To the total ringpiece that tried (and failed) to hack the podcast website.

Tough shit.

It took me a massive 14 minutes to repair the damage you did trying to hack my config.php file.

Another 20 minutes deleting and reinstalling the database.

Three minutes reinstalling podpress.

Three minutes reinstalling the theme.

Four minutes reconfiguring the widgets.

And that’s it.

Oh yeah – and less than 20 seconds to reinstate the RSS feeds.


Forty four minutes to repair (including reinstate to ‘as was’) the damage you did fucking around trying to own the database.

Did you think the source files were unprotected?

Daft bastard.

Your mistake?

Missing my utility tracker which captured your IP range – file has been sent to your ISP and your local police force, you malicious snot-nosed fuckhead.

Anyway folks, This Reality Podcast website is back up and running.

The recovered text and duplicate source files to Episodes 20 and 21 will be relaunched Friday/Saturday – because I’m in London and my backup audio files are on EDDs at home.

Episode 22 will also be out this weekend.

If Eps20 and 21 come down our RSS pipes again I’m really sorry. I’ve been thinking about it and there is a risk that might happen but I don’t know how to mitigate against it.


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7 Responses to Message in a bottle

  1. Soph says:


    I’m intrigued – and possibly a little bit dumb – but why would someone want to hack into a podcast?

    Even if it’s a very good podcast (which, of course, it is), I just don’t get what they would achieve…

  2. Brennig says:

    Just being arseholes. It is possible to alter the ID3 tags in an MP3 but there’s no significant virus risk. It’s just a 12 year-old in Germany who is trying to bring down websites.

    Episode 21 has been reinstated (I located a copy of the source mp3 on the local hard disk of The World’s Fastest Laptop).

  3. Trixie says:

    total gobbledegook to me Bren, but glad you could report him!!!!

  4. Masher says:

    Soph took the words right off of my keyboard: why would anyone want to hack a podcast? Apart from pure maliciousness, I suppose.

    Anyway, glad you’ve got it up and running again – I’m a latecomer to the podcast party but I’m enjoying it quite a lot. We appear to have very similar musical tastes, Mr Jones… except maybe for the Frenchie ones.

  5. froggywoogie says:

    Well done mate. I am very doubtful about what the police is going to do with it though, been there done that. Even the ISP to which I had reported the fact had never acknowledged, but this was in the prehistoric time (1998) when having the internet at home sounded a bit priviledged.
    Glad you got it all back to work

  6. Brennig says:

    Hi Guys. It’s a Turkish hacker who calls himself/herself There are a gang of them running a ‘site defacing competition’; they keep a league table of who brings down the most sites.

    As they’re Turkish I should imagine the only thing that’ll stop them would be two and a half pounds of pressure on a 9mm trigger right between the eyes.

    But their details are:
    Tel: +1.2121651655
    Fax: none
    carsi sokak sanat mahallesi kat 6 no 25

    I notice from their league table that is claiming the podcast site to be hacked. Yeah, right. It looks mighty healthy from where I’m sitting – however a quick trip through google reveals a long, long, long list of websites that have gone down to this total twat.

    I also see that they are running packet-bombing to see if they can generate a DoS storm by overloading servers.

    Total cunts, the lot of them.

  7. froggywoogie says:

    That’s insane. Good job in finding out all these details