So Becks with the pneumatic chest has gone. Shame.

I didn’t really like her but she did bring her own distinctive flavour to the collective.

I shall miss Becks.

I shall also miss her distinctive ‘I love Cov’ T-shirt.

But perhaps someone should tell her that the word is spelt c.o.c.k.

And this evening Luke is being evicted.

Still, on the bright side, at least Luke is now spared the total shit that comes out of the mouth of Dale.

Earlier he said:

If I go and Mohamed stays, I’d rather not be here.

Brilliant Dale, completely brilliant.


p.s. BT’s broadband package is currently delivering a massive 89Kb.

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2 Responses to BB9

  1. lady in Red says:

    have to agree with you that I didn’t like Becks but she did bring somehing to the house. I am glad that Luke has gone, his voice has been grating on my poor nerves from the first day.

    Can’t really comment on Dale as I have not watched it enough to see enough of him to form an opinion.


  2. Trixie says:

    Becks and Luke were the most entertaining! Don’t know HOW they got voted out. Maybe now other characters will emerge more. I just watched Lisa having a go at Rex! That was suprising!