Servicing the normals will be resumed as soon as

That just sounds so wrong now, but it was really funny in my head ten minutes ago!

We went out last night, the Soph and I, to a Significant Barbecue (even though it wasn’t really barbecue weather).

The significance may get explained in the near future. Maybe.

Anyway it was a late night.

And now an early morning, for I am whisking Soph off to a secret place for an overnight stay. Well, it’s not secret to me, just her.

But first, an en-route visit to… Little Chef!

Where the All Day Vegetarian Breakfast may be pressed in to service.

Not, you understand, as a hangover cure because not that much alcohol was drunk last night. Not by us anyway.

But our hostess was incredibly well oiled even when we turned up at 20.00.

No, this All Day Vegetarian Breakfast is just because we can, just because we fancy it.

So we’ll be back, Monday evening-ish or Tuesday morning-ish but until then…



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2 Responses to Servicing the normals will be resumed as soon as

  1. LizSara says:

    and how was your dirty weekend? A good time was had by all i hope?

  2. froggywoogie says:

    Bren, there’s the response to your question on the comments section of my last post 🙂