Keeping an eye out for Noah

You know. I’m not religious or anything but that rain out there? I know it’s the tail end of an Atlantic storm but if it keeps on coming in like this we’ll all be looking for very big boats!

Hey, how are you? How’s your Saturday going?

Mine’s OK.

I’ve recorded two podcasts (one for today, one for the weekend we move house) and performed software and operating system surgery on my old laptop.

And now I’m feeling a little ‘penned in’.

I’d like to go out, but riding is out of the question. In fact – right now – even dodging the end-of-the-world downpour is out of the question.

I need to buy some leather dressing; I could pick some up then go to the yard and strip, clean and oil both saddles and the bridle.

But the thought of even setting foot in to that downpour? Ugh!

And there’s absolutely nothing on the television.


What should I do?

I mean I want to do something and I want to do something productive, that needs doing. I need to go to the yard to get my cordless drill out of the lorry. It needs recharging and I only found out where the charger is the other day.

But I have done stuff, apart from the podcasting thing. I took my front door key to the new house off the keyring and added it to my keyring.

And… AND… and I did that without breaking any limbs, windows or fingernails. I rock.

Oooh! It’s stopping with the downpouring!

Gotta go!


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3 Responses to Keeping an eye out for Noah

  1. froggywoogie says:

    The monsoon is over here now, thank you for sharing 😀

  2. Caroline says:

    Well, just to make you envious, we’ve still got gorgeous blue skies up here on the north coast and it hasn’t rained all week, much to Mum’s delight (she’s visiting).

    My Saturday is improving rapidly from a bad start – Mum came running into the kitchen this morning to say that the annexe loo was overflowing. All fixed now and we’re just back from a walk down to the beach…

  3. Citronella says:


    Oh, water falling from the skies?

    I seem to vaguely recall something like that happening. A long time ago. Was it early July?

    But it’s 90 out there (or 32. Pardon my ignorance, but do people in the UK use Celsius or Fahrenheits? This is all very confusing.)

    And I’m dreaming of a good thunderstorm. (Well, I saw pictures of Gustav and Hanna and Ike and Josephine. So not too good a thunderstorm, maybe.)