Changing my jodhpurs now

Vin and I went out for a hack around the Worcestershire countryside this afternoon. We got to the top of Horton Hill when something appeared on my personal radar.

I saw it before I heard it, moving slowly at a height of about 1,500 feet, the wall of sound eventually caught up with us as it was about twenty miles away.

Soon, however, it was almost on top of us, the sound deafening.

Fortunately Vin didn’t bat an eyelid but I was still cacking myself at the thought that at any moment he could vanish over the horizon with me clinging to his mane.

Bloody Vulcans! (of the non Spock variety).


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4 Responses to Changing my jodhpurs now

  1. Trixie says:

    Don’t you hate that, thinking you are about to be hit by a plane crashing? I used to live in Kew, and used to have the concord fly directly over my house twice a day. You would have all the windows shut, and still not hear the telly, no matter how loud you turned it up!

  2. Masher says:

    Wow, nice pic… it must have been real close!

  3. Mya says:

    I’m very impressed by Vin’s coolness. What a dude!
    We get the occasional avion de guerre flying low around here – they don’t half creep up on you. Fortunately the noise they make usually drowns out my horrifying language.

    May I suggest a trip to the finest equestrian outfitters, for a pair of brown jodhpurs?

    Mya x

  4. Brennig says:

    Trixie: I knew what to expect. I worked with a Vulcan squadron at RAF Waddington on an exercise. Anyway, I don’t worry about them crashing. It’s the burning in the wreckage I’m concerned about.

    Masher: I’m afraid that’s a library pic. I didn’t have anything with me; anyway, both hands on the reins out of a sense of fear!

    Mya: They were beige before we started out! 🙂