Elevating the conversation

So is it just me that can’t help giggling when s/he gets in the lift, presses the ground floor button and the recorded, sultry-voiced female says ‘Going down’?

Just me then.


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4 Responses to Elevating the conversation

  1. cha0tic says:

    Nope. Only I add “…Mr Tyler” in my head.

    ‘Aerosmith’ has a lot to answer for.

  2. Masher says:

    Nope, not just you.

    I got in a lift a few week’s back and was surprised when I saw that the lift was manufactured by a company called Schindler.

    Yes, I was in a Schindler’s Lift.

  3. Soph says:

    LOL – Masher – that’s so funny.

    It shouldn’t be, but it is.

  4. Masher says:

    I know.
    I laughed, but at the same time felt that I shouldn’t.