So  I’m on the coach, right?

And we’re in Kensington, right?

And we’re stopped at the lights, right?

Well, this cyclist courier guy pulls up alongside us, right?

I mean he gets in tight and close to the coach, right?

And then, because he can’t go further forwards because there’s a van blocking his way, he has to wait there for the lights to change, right?

Well what he does is he keeps his feet on the peddles and just leans in to the side of the bus, right?

I mean, WTF?

When did ‘please feel free to lean against any vehicle’ appear in the inconsiderate bastard cyclists manual?


p.s. Sorry about the chavspeak; I’ve been listening to a parody of how youffs talk to each other and it’s cuttingly accurate but slightly addictive.

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4 Responses to Cyclists!

  1. LizSara says:

    It’s like, cos he is cycling innit

  2. Trixie says:

    Oh come on Bren…if it was you I’d bet ya do the same..right?

  3. Brennig says:

    LizSara: Oh! [slaps forehead] It’s just one of those ‘because I’m a cyclist’ kind of rules How silly of me.

    Trixie: No. I’d have some respect for someone else’s property. It’s a thing I have. Not in abundance, I’ll give you that, but I do have a little.

  4. hoverFrog says:

    That can’t be right. He had to stop? Couldn’t be get onto the pavement or get into the oncoming lane of traffic?

    I reckon you’re making it up.