Spring is in the air

The UK is currently going through what some people say is an uncharacteristic bout of weather.

But is it?

I can remember Easters where we have had snow and day-time temperatures of 0c.

I can remember Easters where we have had tropical weather and temperatures of +20c.

These facts put the daytime average temperature somewhere in the 10c zone.

Just saying.

I’m still feeling toey.

I have been wondering if it is the weather, the hotter-than-usual, summer-like conditions that have been making me feel like this.

Or is it something else?




Do we believe in love at first sight?

Or lust at first sight?

Or even infatuation at first sight?

Do we even believe in sight?

Answers please, on a skimpy pair of knickers, to me.

Or is it something more routine?

Is it because of the changing seasons – the cycle of renewal – that I am so… ‘possessed by a foolish and extravagant passion’?

Or am I in love?

Actually, I think I’m in love.

And who can blame me.

Such form, such exquisite beauty, such grace, such wit, charm, humour and intelligence.

Falling in love with these qualities is easy.

Judge for yourself. The qualities are hypnotic.

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6 Responses to Spring is in the air

  1. So you are in love with the geezers in the rock band? They look pretty damned original and fine to me!

    What does ‘toey’ mean by the way?

    P.S. I read that the average temperature in March is 7C, so you are bloody close 😉

    • Brennig says:

      I’m in love with their work, Annie. And especially the articulate qualities of their videos.

      I guess the thing with average temperatures is they depend on the length of time they were taken over; as the planet is a bunch of millions of years old, temperatures taken over anything less would be artificially representative, in a true average kind of way, no?

  2. Clare Jones says:

    It’s been unseasonable warm here too.. and now Anne the wine drinker is depleting my stocks I shall be completely parched!

    • Brennig says:

      Hi Clare, I have been introducing the natives to Tinto de Verano. Just the kind of stuff to be swilled down in warmer weather.

  3. Redbookish says:

    Gosh! When the experts told me my chestnut was “toey” at Pony Club, I didn’t think they meant this! Well, he was a gelding. Obvs. you are not, so enjoy the season/feeling. For some reason, I seem to be excellent at unrequited love (lust?), which means however toey one gets, it’s fairly pointless … Hope you have better luck. And hope your chestnut (and I really *do* mean horse) is starting to get fit.

    • Brennig says:

      Yes… I think ‘toey’ in that respect means, you know, dishing. Or similar. And as for the unrequited love/lust, you and I are, I suspect, in the same paddock (to keep the equestrian theme going). Vin is starting to fitten, it’s lovely to see. The girls at the yard continue to take the piss. It’s also lovely to see/hear.