Sunday Bloody Sunday

It is now *checks clock* 9.30am.

For some unfathomable reason I’ve been awake since 6.30.

But I haven’t wasted those three hours.

Oh no, I have been active!


I have done some Twittering.


And have listened to two albums sent in, by unrelated bands.

Listened to a bunch of individual tracks from 6 other bands/artists.

Have re-read some of my South by Southwest notes, to clarify a couple of details.

Composed and sent a couple of brief emails.

Half-composed a longer email.

Pondered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Mulled over the unexpected twists, turns and sometimes happy diversions that we can experience.

Had two three mugs of tea.

Foraged in the kitchen, in full-on hunter/gatherer mode (and successfully wrestled open a box of Frosties).

Put two loads of washing on – and hung the first load out on the line.

And now I’m sprawled here, half-thinking thoughts of Henry II, my trusty vacuum-cleaner.

And considering a major dust-off.

Still feeling toey.

Planning on riding Vin this afternoon.

If the vacuuming and dusting hasn’t done for me.

So all in all it’s not exactly working up to be a *lazy* Sunday.

What are you up to?

Thinks: Did I mention that last week I went to the World Poohsticks Championship? No? Well I did.

I’m soooo rock and indeed roll.

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