Fishing from an Oxford Tube bus?

To fish

A well-established phrase meaning to entice, through means of bait, an object to a position where it may be captured.

People fish for sport.

The public is supposed to be protected from corporates who fish.

Unfortunately Oxford Bus are a corporate fisher. They are guilty of preying on a public who appear to be unprotected. Appear to be unprotected because there are no signs of corporate governance on the part of Oxford Tube.

Let me explain…

This morning I arrived at the Oxford Park and Ride at 05.33

I’d obviously just missed a bus to London, but that didn’t bother me because Oxford Tube advertise a service, at that time of the day, that runs every 12 minutes.

So I waited for twelve minutes.

Twelve minutes came. And went. 05.45.

And then another twelve minutes came. And went. 05.57.

And then…

Another twelve minutes came. And went. 06.09.

The yellow-jacketed ticket dispatcher-guy came out of the waiting room, made some radio calls and received a phone call (good grief, his mobile phone ring tone is the Rocky theme! I wondered if that is a euphemism for the kind of service we should expect from Oxford Tube?) and gave us the news.

‘He’s broken down and had to go and get another bus from the depot’.

Yeah right. And we’re all so completely gullible that we actually believe that one guy is capable of driving three buses at the same time. Or you think we can’t add up. Come on, pull the other one.

Now I know that the Oxford Tube timetable says that the actual times are dependent on traffic conditions – which is fair enough really.

But are we really expected to believe that between 05.33 and 06.09 the traffic is so severe that all of these buses have been caught in a massive snarl up?

See my earlier comment about gullibility.

Anyway, when the bus did turn up it was 06.14 which, anyone with a degree of common sense would have to agree, is waaaay outside the ‘every 12 minutes’ service that Oxford Tube advertise at that time of the day.

So we (we being a very long line of people in various stages of unhappiness) piled on the coach and off we set.

We got as far as the next stop – about ten minutes away – which is where the bus broke down.

Now look guys and girls, the yellow-jacketed dispatcher guy at the park and ride told us that the first bus was late because it had broken down, right?

And now this bus breaks down too?

Is there an issue with maintenance here?

Shouldn’t you mention this on your adverts, so that your fare-paying passengers become aware that there is a massive reliability issue with the buses?

I only mention this because last night another of your buses broke down; we picked up those travellers from the roadside just outside Hillingdon.

So that’s three breakdowns in less than 12 hours. Sounds like a reliability issue to me.

So hey, Oxford Tube guys and girls, there’s still a taste of you in my mouth. And it’s not good.

What are you going to do about it?

And what are you going to do about raising your service delivery to the levels that you claim you have?

And while we’re asking key questions, what are you going to do about the maintenance issue you obviously have as well?

Well, we’ll see what a little truthful wordage via this post does for a start.

Oh, and by the way, if you advertise that you have WiFi on all of your coaches and it actually only works on two buses out of three, that’s an advertising untruth which, I believe, is illegal.

Who owns Oxford Tube?

Gosh, it’s Stagecoach. That’s worth noting for the future.

But on the positive side folks, your driving staff have been exemplary on every occasion (if totally embarrassed on behalf of their employers at the corporate inability to give them a tool fit for the purpose of moving people from A to B on time).


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2 Responses to Fishing from an Oxford Tube bus?

  1. Masher says:

    It’s the Wi-Fi – plays havoc with the engine, y’know.

    Er, honest.

  2. Bulldog says:

    It apears that Hampton Roads Transit runs your system also. A couple of weeks ago, our bus died on the interstate, then the substitute bus died also.