WTF? (again)

You know that really huge fuck-off road junction just outside the BBC at Shepherds Bush? The huuuuuuuge roundabout that has had one lane closed all the way round for about 27 years?

The huuuuuuuuge elevated roundabout that has things underneath?

Things like that weird silver sculpture of two legs joined to a head with no torso inbetween?

You know the place?

There’s a set of stables underneath the flyover?

No, I’m going to say that again.

There’s a set of stables underneath the flyover!!!

There really is!

As the coach was crawwwwwwling over the elevated roundabout I saw a girl in jodhpurs walking in to one of the stables.

I mean, WTF?

C’mon then Caroline… smart me up an answer for this one! 🙂

I do think though (not sure what this thought is based on but let’s ride – pun! – with it) that the land underneath that elevated roundabout is the place where the real-life Harold Steptoe used to live when the BBC found him and turned him in to the fictional Steptoe and Son.


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2 Responses to WTF? (again)

  1. Caroline Jones says:

    I rock :o)

    (That one took me a bit longer; it’s not well publicised!)

  2. Brennig says:

    You really do rock! If I believed you had time for a little extra-curricular work I’d have slipped you a small (paid) researching task.


    So I was right, this is the area where the totter who Steptoe & Son was based on used to live. But look at the pic – this is how I had imagined the place would look even though I only caught a glimpse of it from the flyover above.

    Thanks Caroline!