An Australian hack

This is the helmetcam footage of the 2012 Sydney CCI Three Star (CCI***) Three Day Event, as shot from the view of Australian eventer Seamus Marwood, as his mare Wild Oats navigates her way around the cross-country section.

In terms of difficulty, a CCI Three Star is one step below the CCI Four Star (the highest degree of difficulty). CCI Four Star events include Badminton, the Olympics and the World Championships.

I love the horse’s attitude, the way she communicates back to the pilot, and the way he communicates back to her when she asks questions.

I love the rider’s independent seat; it is his secure position and balance that make the helmetcam view seem so smooth despite, what anyone can see, are scary-big fences.

I don’t like cross-country track, but this is a personal thing.

Enjoy the ride.

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