Trying to plan/not to plan for the future

We are saving. We are saving. La la la lah, la la laaaaa.

Sad but true.

We are being very busy not spending money. Apart from living costs. And rent. And Vin’s livery fees.

But there is much much not spending going on.

For two reasons really.

The first is that being self-employed I sleep so much easier at night with a wodge of capital in the bank. And my contract is due to conclude with the delivery of this project – around the end of January.

The second is that we may just take a bit of a break next year; go somewhere… different. Just for us. But see above comment regarding wodge of capital.

But it’s good, all this saving stuff. It means the banks are paying us money. Even if what they’re paying us is a small portion of our money that our government has just given away to, erm, the banks.

It’s a kind of reverse arbitrage really, a credit default swap gone tits up (to use the technical phrase).

The interesting thing about all this financial tits uppery (to use the technical phrase again) is that when I was a currency dealer (just over 10 years experience of trading before I got out quickly) ever major financial institution employed people who we called limits clerks. It was the job of every limits clerk to check a proposed trade against:

* geographical limit (i.e. country!),
* financial limit (i.e. who is the party on the other side of this trade and how much are they already in to us for) and
* recovery limit (if this goes tits up, how much can we recover before we call it a dead loss).

And if any of the results of those limit searches came back negative the trade didn’t go ahead.

It seems that some simple credit protection measures we had in place once upon a time have been relaxed a little too well.

Anyway, back to the point.

We are busy not spending.

And Soph starts work in her new job on Monday.

Which will bring in more lovely money for us to stash in our bank accounts for the banks to pay us interest on with our money before the planned/not planned excursion arrives and we empty the banks of all our lolly.

Anyway, point is…

I think we (will) deserve a little break. Around Christmas, if we can juggle our time off to correspond.

But I’m fresh out of ideas and inspiration, so I thought I’d throw myself on the mercy of the court, so to speak, and see if you’ve got any helpful ideas for a short Christmas-time break for the two of us that would be to somewhere different, but isn’t going to make a significant impact on our savings.



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10 Responses to Trying to plan/not to plan for the future

  1. Trixie says:

    I LOVE that feeling of saving! That’s why I’m going to Egypt around Christmas!

    Look at for cheap bargains. It’s going to cost us £388 for 7 nights, all inclusive. It’s this price because we fly back on Christmas day.

  2. LizSara says:

    I heartily recommend most of Eastern Europe in the winter

  3. Vicola says:

    Helsinki in Winter is gorgeous. The city is really pretty and has wide open streets and in the depths of winter the bay freezes over and you can walk or even drive on sections of it. It snows so everything is clean and white. Actually in Helsinki everything is clean anyway. There’s a little market in the town centre next to the sea. If you take a guided bus tour then listen out for the bit when the commentary announces the “Finnish men like a good sausage”. My how we chortled in a Carry On style!

  4. Mya says:

    Lend us a tenner and I’ll consider it.

    I’ve heard the Balkans are big right now. Macedonia, perhaps?

    Incidently, a French friend of ours is rather (un)cheerfully predicting a rise in home burglaries as all the untrusting Frogs withdraw every last euro from the bank and stuff it under the mattress. Not me of course, I have no money and I’ve had to sell my bed.

    Mya x

  5. Sally says:

    What do you like doing on holiday? I really enjoyed a holiday to Fueteventura a couple of years ago- cheap, hot, fabulous scenery, great food – and you’ll be able to speak Spanish there, too.

  6. Steve says:

    We had a just-before Christmas break to Yorkshire (just outside Bakewell) a few years ago. Everything was winding down just before Christmas – the weather was gorgeous and Chatsworth House was open for its last day before Christmas. You probably wouldn’t want to do exactly the same, but if we had the chance to go somewhere before Christmas, we’d probably go somewhere quiet in the UK like that.

  7. Brennig says:

    Wow, thanks for the response guys, that’s amazing.

    Trixie: Warm but not hot is a possibility (or so I’m told)…

    LizSara: Actually, that’s quite attractive. Though see above re warm.

    Vicola: I love Finland! But it would hit the capital fund a bit too hard. Finnish women like a good sausage too!

    Mya: That’s so sweeeeet! And we’d actually give you a tenner! A whole tenner. Not even just a bit of a tenner but an entire tenner. All to yourself. To love and honour and hold in your little sweaty palms. But. You know. Some relationships. Not meant to be consummated.

    Sally: Spanish places would be good but… could cause a problem or two. Hmmm…

    Steve: Actually, there’s something about this idea. I wouldn’t want you to think I was tight or anything… And see previous statement about warmth. So that knocks my favourite little spot in Ireland out of the picture too. It’s soooo complicated. 🙂

  8. Gumpher says:

    Marrakech for a wonderful assault on the senses, then jump in a cab for a two hour drive to the coast to Essaouira for chill time.

    The cheapy airlines fly there now, and it’s warm but not scorching at this time of year.

  9. Brennig says:

    Gumpher, now that really is an idea! Thanks.

  10. Perpetual says:

    Another vote for Marrakech here, although maybe also consider Boston?