Broken down again

This morning’s Oxford Tube coach service to London got as far as Shepherd’s Bush before it broke down. Again. The pattern that is clearly forming with regard to the Oxford Tube reliability is at best… not realiable at all.

This is the fourth breakdown (that I’m aware of) in three weeks.

Is this an acceptable rate of attrition?

No, of course it isn’t.

Well done Oxford Tube.

And well done Stagecoach – the organisation behind the service.

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4 Responses to Broken down again

  1. Vicola says:

    Trust me, it’s one of those days across the land. If one more thing goes tits up here I may go postal and strangle someone.

  2. smallbeds says:

    After a run of appalling experiences with Stagecoach, I almost always take the train these days. It’s expensive until 9.30 (or coming back on fast trains in the 4.30-7pm slot), but otherwise it costs fourteen pound something if you’ve got a Network Railcard – and that includes a day’s worth of tube travel. If you can at all stagger your work hours, a Network Railcard is your friend.

    I had considerably worse experiences with the Oxford Go Ahead Bus Company Espresso London Parpy Funbuses. One of their drivers sent me to casualty by trying to stick his bus in a green cycle box that I was occupying.

  3. Perpetual says:

    Do you have to go into London everyday?

    I find the train much easier, and from your neck of the woods it isn’t too difficult to get to Oxford or Didcot Parkway.

  4. Brennig says:

    Vicola: You see, this is what I like about you. You tell it like it is. Throttle the evil gits. 🙂

    Smallbeds: My working day is, of late, averaging 14 hours x five days/week. 🙁

    Perpetual: Aye to the question. The advantages with the coach service are:
    * their last stop in/first pickup point out is in Buckingham Palace Road, a gentle two-minute stroll from one of my offices.
    * the coaches have WiFi which lets me work. Or, ahem, blog.

    The disadvantage of the train is the slog across town on the Underground from Padders to either the Victoria or St James’ Park office. But if you have words of advice I’ll pay close attention!