Hi! Yes I’m on the coach!!!!!

Hi! I’m good, how are you? Oh yes. Really looking forward to it.

I’m sorry folks, I’m relaying this conversation completely inaccurately. This is what she really said…


For fuck’s sake woman, you’ve got a mobile telephone handset. Why can’t you use that instead of shouting?

Are you deaf or something?

I said are you deaf or something?

You know that safety announcement that you’ve just listened to? The one that included the line ‘be considerate to other passengers when using your mobile telephone or personal stereo’?

Didn’t you fucking hear it?

No of course you didn’t. Because you were too busy shouting down your telephone.

Some days I hate people, some days I love them. Today isn’t your day.


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4 Responses to Hi! Yes I’m on the coach!!!!!

  1. Sally says:

    I am so with you there, Brennig. Some people are just so LOUD and inconsiderate when talking on their phone in public places. Grrrrr.

  2. Trixie says:

    Ahhhh, are you a little bit grumpy after turning a year older? Did you have a hangover?

    Happy birthday for yesterday my sweet, now I understand why you said I should buy YOU a beer! (Soz, wasn’t in the mood to read blogs yesterday!)

  3. Masher says:

    I think you should get seven A4-sized pieces of card and write one of the following words on each: PLEASE WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    Then, when she (or someone else) does it again, you can stand in front of them and reveal the cards one by one, just like in that Bob Dylan video (I think it was Dylan) or the old Maxell advert.

  4. Brennig says:

    Mash, you are a God and I worship at your feet. I am going to make up some A4-sized card or heavy duty paper signs next week.

    Trixie, no. I’m just that grumpy anyway. 🙂 And no hangover. No alcohol!

    Sally, I’m Grrrr’ing right up there with you. Grrrrr!