Kill all the cows!

Kill the cows; kill them now!

They’re destroying our planet.

A survey has just concluded that a Landrover Discovery emits 3,500g of carbon over a 30-mile journey.

Whilst a cow emits 4,000g of carbon a day!


While I admit I’ve employed a smidge of humour here I do think this not-really-earth-shattering news might give us all pause for thought in what is in danger of becoming a relentless pursuit of those who use the internal combustion engine.


I mean, surely, until someone can devise a system of giving credit to (as well as not being judgemental of) a person who drives a V6 3.6 litre 4×4 which runs on LPG – and therefore has a smaller operational carbon footprint than a Mini – we’re being very dishonest with our motivations.



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