Phones and people don’t go

Yesterday evening’s little rantette about LOUD girl with whiny nasal accent on the phone on the coach elicited a brilliant response from Masher – which I’m going to follow up on.

But this morning one of the passengers trumped even his idea!

We were about an hour out from Oxford when a woman walked past me and had a word in the driver, then wandered back upstairs to her seat.

Three or four minutes later the driver announced in to his microphone, ‘Could the woman who has been on the phone for the last 15 minutes please hang up. Everyone around you is fed up with listening to your conversation. Thank you.’

Fucking brilliant!

So not only top marks to the passenger for complaining but also top marks to the driver for waiting a few minutes so it wasn’t really obvious who the complainant was.

Except I know, of course.

Unfortunately I wasn’t sitting upstairs so missed out on what I feel is the telephonist’s undoubted outbreak of acute embarrassment.



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One Response to Phones and people don’t go

  1. Perpetual says:

    This is the first time I’ve been envious of your coach trips into London.