Sunday comes and goes. Next week stretches out before us

I should be asleep.

In fact, with the clock telling me that it’s now 03.05, I’d love to be asleep. But something woke me and wouldn’t let me settle back. So I grabbed my bathrobe and tip-toed downstairs for a cup of tea and a brief check of what’s new in the world and a mental review of the weekend and the week to come.

It’s been a good weekend.

Saturday began with loading the weekend’s podcast on to the server and then breakfast in bed (prepared and delivered by me!). And cuddles and reading. When we did get up we drove in to Witney for an earlyish lunch. Then came straight back home where we took refuge from the terrible squally storm, erm, in bed. In the late afternoon I drove to the yard where Vin, bless, was thrilled to bits to see me. With the aid of carrot magic I convinced him to agree to some work. We schooled in the indoor arena and he was rewarded afterwards with more carrots and much love. The trip back home was made via a quick stop for requested items from The Soph. Soon, Angel Delight was eaten followed by cuddles on the couch while the Harry Hill entertainment show (You’ve Been Framed followed by TV Burp – we’re so highbrow in this house on the weekend) segued in to X-Factor. The latter led us to wonder who the voting public had been listening to, because as sure as hell is hot they hadn’t heard the same acts we had! And then bed and reading except I may have fallen asleep in 2.47 nanoseconds.

Sunday was a gentler start but after breakfast downstairs we did head straight back to bed. Again. But by 11.30 we were up, bathroomed and dressed; Soph was away to Stratford upon Avon to meet friends and I was going to Vin’s place to spend quality time with him – via a quick detour of Countrywide Stores because Vin (bless) has mislaid one of his over-reach boots so that’s £6.10 you owe me matey! Many hours were spent at the yard; inspecting the work the mechanic is doing on the lorry (slow progress, I think he’s doing it part-time), fetching Vin in, treating a cut he’s inflicted on himself in the field (nothing serious, just a minor schoolboy graze), grooming, tacking up, schooling indoors, smugly looking at the horrendous storm outside as we worked in the brightly lit dryness, untacking, grooming, hanging around and chatting and then getting back home again. Soph returned about half an hour after I got back. We snacked, we cuddled up on the couch and watched a little television and I looked at car prices because sadly the time has come to think about letting mine go. And then Soph got things ready for the morning because suddenly it was bedtime. I think I did my customary 3, 2, 1, sleep’ act but I’m not completely sure. I was asleep at the time.

I wish I knew what woke me. And why my psyche wouldn’t let me get straight back off. But I’ve been productive while I’ve been up. I’ve done a little prep for the forthcoming week. If I kept a weekly diary with witty headings the entry for the forthcoming week would be called TLA week (TLA = Three Lettered Acronym); I have meetings with the CPS, TfL, GLA and possibly (pending confirmation), the chair of the HAC.

Outside of work I need to have a catch-up with Amy over the writing exercises we’re doing. I need to respond to a record label in Philadelphia that has waited long enough for me to get my finger out. I have two album reviews to write, a feature commission punt to get around to a couple of publications and I really should finish that short story that’s been sitting on my hard-disk for the last two months. I also need to select the tracks for next weekend’s podcast and I would like to try and generate some action from Companies House. And Vin needs regular schooling this week because JP is coming back down next Sunday, so we’d better show a marked improvement on our homework!

Right, that’s it. Tea has been drunk and I’m off up to bed to try and sleep for the remaining hour and a half before the alarm does its horrible thing.

Later in the day, when the sun is beating warmly down upon us (some hope!), let me know what your week is threatening/promising to bring you.

And does anyone else have these weird ‘Right, you’re awake now so you may as well get used to it!’ conversations with yourselves when you really should be asleep?


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3 Responses to Sunday comes and goes. Next week stretches out before us

  1. Vicola says:

    I lie there thinking “If you lie there for long enough you’ll just drop off”. Somewhere at the back of my mind I know perfectly well that this is not true but I like to tell myself it is so that I don’t spend the rest of the night sat there thinking of the 9 hour day I have ahead of me and how I’m going to struggle to function. I used to get insomnia really badly and it never failed to do my head in.

  2. Brennig says:

    I’m envious that your psyche allows you to lie there thinking! Mine says ‘If you don’t get up I’m going to start killing off your braincells and by 3am you’ll be the equivalent of the village idiot. And I don’t want to get promoted out of my league, so I get up. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Bren, my Bloglines isn’t picking up any of your posts…