Why this matters: ‘

The difference between:

Helping your uncle jack off a horse…
Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse…

is the correct use of capitals. The difference between:

Your a lovely person…
You’re a lovely person…

is the correct application of human intelligence. It’s that simple. Really.

I know I am guilty of using and abusing the English language (as, for reasons of emphasis or dramatic phrasing) many writers, over the years, have.

But I am considering starting an e-Petition to have those who are guilty of failing to use the apostrophe correctly, sent to the Falkland Islands.

For life.

Let’s face it, failing to correctly use an apostrophe is either a sign of abject laziness, or it is a symptom of a failing IQ.

Either way, people who can’t get to grips with the rules around this simple piece of punctuation are not welcome here.

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6 Responses to Why this matters: ‘

  1. Masher says:

    ill be off then.

  2. Vicola says:

    People who insist on putting an apostrophe in front of every single incidence of the letter ‘s’. It drives me me nuts. Or should that be ‘it drive’s me nut’s’?

  3. Marie says:

    Thats a shame’s, ‘cos I love’s reading you’re blog ….. i’ll get’s me coat ……..

  4. j says:

    I support your position.

  5. Redbookish says:

    I have treason to despise most school teachers in this country. Goodness knows, I’ve tried to train them to write correctly, in clear, formal written English. I have written “It’s is a contraction of ‘it is’ and as a contraction is inappropriate usage in a formal written essay” but I may as well save my rickety wrist and biro ink. Brennig, you and I may find this difficult to comprehend, but there are people in the world who Just Don’t Care. But they get a 2, ii from me.

  6. There are other thing’s (that was ironic) that are just as demonic. (1) people who gratuitously use the word ‘like’ to sentences; and (2) text speak.

    We should nuke those people first and then start on your capitals and punctuation’s (that was ironic too)!