A break but not broken (a horse for one bin)

Due to an overdose of Scott Mills on BBCs Radio 1 the phrase ‘A horse for one bin’ appears to have become not only my default phrase but also my default sentence. Sorry. But have you seen this website?

Because my employers have enforced a longer than usual Christmas/New Year holiday on me (I finish on 19th December and restart on 5th January – and no, that’s really not nice because I don’t get holiday pay!)  we’re taking a little overseas break.

The outward journey is logistically complicated and begins with (probably) going up to Soph’s mum and dad on Christmas Day evening, spending the night and Boxing Day there, driving down to a hotel near Gatwick airport on Boxing Day, getting up about 05.30 on 27th, getting to the airport, checking in, having breakfast and then flying out, arriving at somewhere just a little bit warmer at 11.15 local time.

We’ll travel back on the afternoon of 31st December and should arrive home just in time to celebrate the turn of the year.


I’m looking forward to it immensely.


p.s. Memo to self: get currency sorted!

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