Video documentary

The reason:
Because of Sammi’s illness, I am looking for a new subject (or possibly two, but we’ll see) for a short documentary film I want to make.

The topic:
Eventing; I want to paint the sport in a more ‘every day person’ light, make it more accessible. Ideally, the subject will be winding up to his/her first Intermediate or * (One Star) level.

How will it work?
The film will run to around 18-20 minutes. It will be structured in such a way as to follow, over a period of time, the passage of time. Day-to-day routine scenes, from schooling to tack-cleaning (and everything else involved), will build a picture of what goes in to getting a partnership to an Event.

The film will close with scenes of the competition day, from loading, arriving, unloading, grooming, tacking up, working in, dressage, show-jumping, cross-country, untacking, wash-down and relaxing afterwards.

In my head, the film will not have any narration. It will will feature a subdued musical backing track, I intend the film to speak for itself and should not need a narrator (though there will be titles on-screen to introduce scene changes).

Is that it?
Well, not quite. Ideally the subject should live within fairly reasonable reach of the OX28 area. And, obviously, I’m not a professional film-maker, so it will be a learning experience, but I have lots of video editing skills, years of audio editing experience and I’m confident I can do it.

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2 Responses to Video documentary

  1. Lottie williams says:


    It sounds fab, would love to be involved the only downside is I’m based in Cheshire…, I have recently started my own yard based at kelsall hill in Cheshire with a block of 10 stables, 2 of the horses are mine and the rest liveries to pay the bills. My 7yo eventer has been produced from a 4yo by me. We have just Been selected for the training squad for the european Cic** with Our aims this season are ideally cci** at the end of the season, however due to numerous events of misfortune we have yet to compete in a cic * and have only had one intermediate run! The ups and downs of eventing along with owning and running a new yard could certainly be seen if you were to choose me as a subject and the facilities at kelsall hill are second to none, along with the trials and tribulations of finding new rides and wirking 7 days a week!

    It sounds like it will be a great film and would love to be part of it.


    • Brennig says:

      Hi Lottie,

      I have spent ages thinking about this, looking at maps and working distances out.

      Unfortunately I think that Cheshire would, sadly, be much too far. Several visits to capture background footage plus competitions, the travel time and distance would be too much for me. I’m sorry. I think you are an excellent prospect and I wish you well in the future.