What’s in a name?

I’ve never been a big ‘give things a name’ person.

But somehow – please don’t ask how, I can’t answer it! – my motorbike deserves a name.

I want to call it ‘Bandit’.

Because, you know, it is a Suzuki 650cc Bandit.

A friend says I should call it ‘Weasel’.

I have no idea why.

So three questions really.

  1. Do you name things (cars, boats, planes, bodyparts, bicycles etc)
  2. If so, what things do you name and what do you name them? And
  3. What name do you prefer for my motorbike?

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7 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. Masher says:

    1. Not really into humanising mechanical and electrical items, apart from…

    2. … Sharon: the woman who lives in my Sat Nav.

    3. Satan.

    • Brennig says:

      Masher, that’s not nice. Satan indeed.
      Why Satan? Why not Zippy? Or George? Or indeed Bun…. er, no let’s not go there.

      Who is Sharon the woman who lives in your Satnav? Is she the voice of a famous person or is she just the default robotic voice?

  2. Perpetual says:

    All my cars have names, some are male, some are female.

    The current project car is called Barney for example.

    I’d suggest Olympia for the bike. Being topical and all.

  3. Vicola says:

    I like weasel for the bike. It’s a great name. My new car is called Giles. My first car was called Cyril. The work IT system is called Bastard. I name all sorts of random stuff.