Digital TV reception; is it rubbish for just me?

When this area (OX28) switched to digital, I endured weeks of really awful TV reception.

Then I got an aerial guy in to see if I needed a booster, to improve the quality of the signal.

He poked around in the loft and told me that, actually, the signal was too strong.

He did some stuff and for a while – almost a year – the TV reception has been good.

Until this week.

In the last five days all of BBC has turned to utter shit.

Only BBC, mind you, but all of it.

BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 – completely unwatchable.

It would be more fun to stick my fingers in a 13amp socket and turn the power on.

So well done, someone, somewhere, for taking my TV licence money – the money that funds the BBC – and taking away my BBC TV channels.

Fucking outstanding.

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13 Responses to Digital TV reception; is it rubbish for just me?

  1. Masher says:

    Does this apply to ALL the BBC channels (that includes CBeebies, CBBC and BBC News on channel 80)? If so, that could point to a problem with signals on that MUX – not that there are any problems being reported. But the issue could be at your end. A faulty co-ax can notch signals at a specific frequency, thereby affecting only one or two MUXes (roughly 8 channels to a MUX). It’s true that too much signal can cause probs in the same way that too little signal can – though this is unlikely in your case as all channels would be affected.
    I know Freeview are planning some changes later this month, Maybe the TX power has been reduced in preparation (again, unlikely).
    Unfortunately, without me paying you a visit, it’s difficult to diagnose.

    • Brennig says:

      I don’t know if it applied (past tense) to all BBC channels but it did definitely apply to BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4.

      I didn’t go to CBeebies, CBBC or BBC News.

      However, at 9pm – as if someone, somewhere, flicked a switch – they all came back to normal.

      So from 7pm last night until 9 pm last night none of the major BBC TV channels were watchable and then, somehow, they all were.

  2. Masher says:

    Sorry, but reading through all that, I’ve just realised how unhelpful a comment it was.

    • Brennig says:

      All of your comments are helpful, young Masher. Been out on your bike lately?

      • Masher says:

        Not lately. Didn’t get back fom hols till late Saturday night and there was just too much to do on Sunday.
        I’m hopeful for a few more decent weekends before the crap weather sets in though.

        • Brennig says:

          Not too much activity. What good biking days we have had seemed to have been either working days and/or evenings/weekends when I have prior commitments. I have had a couple of runs out around west Oxfordshire; been invited to a regular Monday evening meet down Abingdon way (but not yet been free to go!).

          So like you, I guess, I’m pinning my hopes on a late summer spell when my diary is less cluttered and I will be able to get out. I’m considering a weekend in Brighton. I’ve heard the scenery is nice down there.

          • Masher says:

            Tell ya what… fancy meeting for a coffee at the Ace Cafe, one Sunday morning? Although I keep meaning to go, I’ve never yet been and my brother-in-law keeps pestering me to go.

  3. Allister says:

    Sorry to intrude on the bike talk. 😉

    I remember when NZ’s fourth free to air channel was introduced. We got a helpful flyer in the mail that explained in order to provide the fourth channel (which was and always has been pretty crap) they would be turning off the transmitter for the third channel (which was, and always has been the best content on FTA).

    The kicker was that “provide the fourth channel” didn’t actually apply to us! Yes, to get *someone else* their fourth channel, we’d be reduced to two. Technically we could receive the third channel from another transmitter, but the signal was crap.

    Shortly after that we got digital satellite TV and have never used an aerial since.

    • Brennig says:

      Well I’m not sure we accept the apology! Bike talk is Very Important! 🙂

      I know someone who has digital satellite; her reception is inconsistently good/bad. I’ve considered it – Masher has his own satellite arrangement that I am considering emulating.

      British digital reception varies massively, based on where in the UK one lives!

      • Masher says:

        Be aware that my homebrew satellite arrangement is purely for watching Formula 1 on the cheap. You won’t be able to get any UK channels on it. For that, you’d need Sky or FreeSat.

  4. S.Le says:

    We got a new aerial and it’s much better. Sometimes for us it depends on the weather!

  5. Brennig says:

    @Masher (can’t reply directly because the thread has reached its limit) Yes, I know Ace Cafe, I’ve been to a couple of book launches there. They do cracking all-day breakfasts!

    Ace is about an 1h20m, 1h30m from me; I’d be interested in nipping down, that could be a nice jolly. Who else could we drag along?

  6. Dave says:

    If you are going to emulate Masher’s home satellite system you need to start collecting 250 empty, and washed baked bean tins, 14 miles of string and an old fashioned galvanised steel dustbin lid. Then, with luck and a following wind, you should be able to receive cbeebies in Ukrainian.