Days like these

My weekend hasn’t really happened; there has been much work-related stuff but, as ever, I’ll not go in to detail about that here

I did snatch a few hours off, today, and managed to put that time to Great Use!

I washed a Barbour and a Drizabone riding coat.

And also washed last week’s work-shirts and various socks and underwear.

Soz, bordering on the TMI there.

And rode the Bandit in to Norf Landahn’s Ace Cafe where I met the redoubtable Mr Masher and his brother-in-law (Graham).

And we did partake of the All Day Breakfasts and Lo, we did Eat Heartily.

At Ace today was a meeting of the BSA Bantam Society (or similar).

The first motorbike I ever (knowingly) touched was a BSA Bantam.

It belonged to Forgotten Firstname Griffiths who lived a couple of miles down the lane at Llansabadd Farm.

We mucked about with that Bantam; it was the first time I learned to take things apart and put them back together again. Successfully.

We rode it around the fields, crashed it in to trees and ditches and – when that happened – we learned to rebuild it.

It was weird looking at the familiar-yet-alien-by-today’s-design-standards Bantams. They seemed very ‘other worldly’.

I also saw a Laverda Jota, the 1,000cc little brother to the 1,200cc Laverda Mirage I owned when I lived in Germany.

What a stunning bike that was.

It had superbike acceleration. And the brakes of a supertanker.

Ah, the many many scares I gave myself on that monster.

I changed my route home from Ace Cafe; instead of hoofing it up the A40/M40/A40, I went cross-country.

The cross-country route was much more fun than travelling at *cough* 70mph with all the nutters on the motorway. And much prettier too.

The ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads were such fun; I do love the way the Bandit throws itself around twisty-turny lanes.

I got back home about 2.15pm and tucked straight in to work stuff.

Between 5pm – 7pm I took a break, tidied, put a load of washing in, put the rubbish out, drank tea, had a brief visit from a friend.

The usual.

And now, at rapidly approaching 9pm I’ve just sent my last work email of the day, and I’m winding up on my last work phone call of the day.

So all things considered, even with the work distractions, it has been a pretty good day really.

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6 Responses to Days like these

  1. Masher says:

    Yus, ’twas an enjoyable trip out.

    Re our sat-nav conversation and how rubbish I am without it: I missed the A406. Drove straight past it. I know: first turning when you leave the Cafe, but I missed it. Then, when I eventually got on it, having turned round at a petrol station half a mile up the road, I immediately found myself in the wrong lane, couldn’t get over because there was a van in the way and was forced off up the next slip road. I eventually caught up with Graham just after J2 on the M1 !

    • Brennig says:

      Oh dear! But at least you made it home, and that’s an achievement on a bike if you don’t know the route.

      I used the ‘avoid motorways’ option on my satnav, plugged it in to an ear, tucked the phone in to my jacket and had a beautiful trip home.

      I think this makes me a satnav user.

      *stabs self in the eye*

  2. Ooooh you met the Mash! Is he as geeky in real-life as he is on his blog *wink*. That breakfast sounds bloody ace!

    • Brennig says:

      That’s the second time that Masher and I have met. He’s a nice chap (you can pay me later, Masher). I have to say I sort of expected you to jump in at the opportunity of a meet, especially at the Ace Cafe.

  3. I would have jumped in on the opportunity to meet, but I only saw the invite after the event – DOH!

    Let me know next time though, I would love to meet the legendary Mash (and you of course) and scoff an all day breakfast.