Bit tired/not sleepy

Saturday I did as planned; worked until 1pm then went in to London for Ash’s excellent film premiere.

Drank quite a bit.

Stayed over in a local hostelry.

Went to Ace Cafe this morning for breakfast.

Came home and worked some more.

And saw this phase of the project to its conclusion.

I’m relieved, so relieved.

And tired.

But not sleepy.

I might go out for dinner.

But going out for dinner on your own is as attractive as cooking for one.

Still, at least I wouldn’t have to cook.


ps. The Bandit behaved brilliantly on the way in to, through, and through again and on the way out of London.

I took a minor detour yesterday, to ride past the first flat I ever owned.

But I wish Londoners would learn to drive.

Because they obviously don’t know how to.

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