Just, you know


The 4.45am alarm seems to be coming around quicker and quicker.

It was half-past midnight when I stopped working last night. This morning.

And then 4.45am, and in the office for 7am.

Finished earlier tonight. 11pm. And 4.45am tomorrow. And in the office for 7am. Again.

As well as working, this evening, I’ve been running conversations with friends.

Good friends. Facing challenges. Big, serious, world-shattering decisions.

Slept wrong last night, my back was awful this morning. First time in maybe five years. Been on heavy PKs today.

Tired now.

I think of my friends.

If the worst I’m looking at is the temporary flare of an old injury and being tired, I’m doing pretty well.

Unlike some.

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One Response to Just, you know

  1. Allister says:

    Chin up. Am having a bit of a shit week here, too. Keep thinking it’s Friday, but it’s only Wednesday.

    BTW, could I request my blog roll link be changed to above site which replaces. Ta.