Shifting. Changing. Moving

This time last year, during a big spell of feeling down, I gave myself a stern talking to.

I knew why I was in a sad place, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix things.

The unexpectedly sudden ending of my marriage had affected everything in my normal world, and I had to deal with it by myself.

So, to give myself something to focus on, I set some goals; things I had considered, over the years, but had dismissed.

And I made some new rules; how I was going to live my life, change the way I conducted relationships.

A year on and some of my goals have been realised. A couple are partially attained, but I’m pleased with the completed targets.

But in the last week I have broken one of my relationship rules. Recklessly and enthusiastically thrown my self-imposed security blanket away.

It’s a little scary, putting so much trust in the hands of another, once more.

But it’s what I want. More than anything.

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