Sleep: foiled

Around 2am, at the height of the stormy windfest that has been raging and howling since 8pm last night, I was woken by a really loud noise in the garden.

I mean it was a REALLY LOUD NOISE.

Well I checked, obv.

Padded downstairs, put the garden lights on and peered through the garden doors.


But it must have been a really loud noise, to have woken me.

Looked again.

Still nothing.

Whatever – and wherever – the noise was, it was enough to have made going back to sleep difficult.

So now I’m back in bed, mug of hot chocolate and a glass of fizzy water beside me, music playing quietly on the iPod dock.

Wondering what to do.

There’s a couple of music reviews that need editing, their submission deadlines are imminent.

There’s a piece of audio that needs a final edit/production polish, but there’s no rush for that.

Or I could sort the laundry and put the first load on – but that would mean getting out of bed again, and I’m trying to avoid that.

I could read, there are enough unread books within reach.

If I had someone here, someone who loved me, someone I loved, I could spoon, snuggle and fall asleep.

But being here by myself is different to being with someone you love.

I could watch an episode of Buffy…

But instead I’m going to just starfish here, in the middle of the bed, tapping notes in to this blog.

And think about people. And worry about people.

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