Blogathon 1/13 Procrastination!

PC: It’s Groundhog Day [beat, beat] again.

The words of Phil Connors, leading character in the brilliant Groundhog Day (a film about which I know far too much).

(there’s a fun little game played by film buffs called The Mark Strong But Game – so-called because it was brought to popular attention by the actor Mark Strong. You run through the cast of a good film and add the not-good cast member. In the case of the above it would be ‘Groundhog Day. With Bill Murray. But Andie MacDowell’. Yep, it just works, doesn’t it?)

The real Groundhog Day is tomorrow (February 2nd), and yes, it is really held in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. So don’t say you don’t learn anything from hanging around here.

Today, though, is the start of my own little Groundhog Day recurring event, it is the first day of the annual February post-a-day-Blogathon, inspired by young Mr Masher.

And here’s a work update.

This afternoon (it is 2pm Thursday), I am sitting on my couch.

I’m between ‘day job’ contracts and, according to my meticulously documented schedule, I am supposed to be working on my writing.

Like all writers, things aren’t going to plan.

I have written my shopping list.

I have written a couple of emails.

I am writing this blogpost.

I’ve written a few Tweets.

Sadly, the one thing that I haven’t written is the rewrite of Episode 3 of ‘Shelved’.

Oh well.

I’ll just have to spend some time over on YouTube looking at video of motorbikes.

Just until inspiration lands.

See you tomorrow, then?

I’ll try to have another interesting fact or two for you.

Ooh, must go!

Jeremy Kyle is on.

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6 Responses to Blogathon 1/13 Procrastination!

  1. Masher says:

    Proof of Life.
    With Meg Ryan.
    But Russell Crowe.

  2. Redbookish says:

    Any film with Andie McDowell is But Andie McDowell.

    And writing aaaah I know that feeling of not-writing so well. It lasts until self-disgust outweighs the horror of committing to a series of sentences.

    • Brennig says:

      Heh heh, yes, absolutely. She almost manages to ruin Four Weddings just by being in it.

      I overcame the dip, I’ve mapped it out at least; plan to fill in the blanks tomorrow. Writers Procrastination is sometimes a full-time occupation in itself!

  3. Dave says:

    The first day is always the worst. It’s like throwing the tarpaulin off the bike after a hard winter and keeping your fingers crossed the enging fires. I have no idea whether this is anyway close to reality but it mentioned a bike so I felt it would be empathic. Do I mean empathic? Anyway. Well done, only 27 to go.