Blogathon 2/13 Sparkling!

I didn’t really have plans for today.

And then, yesterday evening, there was some Facebook activity. And a phone call. And some more Facebook activity.

As a result, two members of the Oxford Motorcycle Group (H and me) met up in a cafe, in Moreton in Marsh, at 8.30 this morning.

Half an hour later the two of us pointed our bikes at Worcestershire. We arrived in the village of Hallow just before 10am.

Not many minutes later the Bandit looked like this:






















It wasn’t too long before it looked like this:











And then it looked like this:























Today I gave the Bandit the All Year Biker treatment.

This is a wash, clean, degrease, anti-corrosion treatment that spruces up, gets the winter salt out of the little nooks and cranies and finishes with a wax.

As you can see, the Bandit *gleamed*

While the bike was getting worked on, H and I sat in the sun, drinking tea and chatting.

Later, H and I headed homewards back towards Oxfordshire.

We stopped at Broadway for lunch (and a gossip and a big people-watch).

The Bandit is now put to bed. It’s still gleaming.

But more importantly than being clean, it has had that winter treatment.

The weather was brilliant; it was a fantastic day for a big run across country.

Yep, we avoided the dull dull dull motorways and had a ball on the cross-country route:

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So, a big thanks to H for putting me on to the All Year Biker treatment, and for keeping me company.

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One Response to Blogathon 2/13 Sparkling!

  1. Masher says:

    Nice job! Very nice.
    I was thinking of getting the AYB treatment for mine, before I put her away for the winter. But I never did.
    But on Thursday, with a bit of help from the battery charger, I got her started (hadn’t been since last year), took her for a run (man it was cold… and windy!), then spent two hours with a bucket, sponge, chamois, and some cloths and polish. She gleams now.
    But I think I might treat her to the AYB next winter, anyway.