Blogathon 15/13 Linguistics!

I have a recurring rant about the overuse of words, the misapplication of words, and those invented, meaningless, nonsense words.

Top of my ranty list, at the moment, is the word…

wait for it…

keep waiting…

almost there…

it is…

the word…


What the actual?

No, really.

What does ‘pre-order’ actually mean?

I’ll tell you what ‘pre-order’ means, shall I?

Tough, I’m going to anyway.

‘Pre-order’ means ‘to order something before it is widely available’.

Or, to put it another way, ‘pre-order’ means…

‘To order’.

And that, my friend, is just how I feel about one word.

But my general feelings about the continual misuse and misappropriation of the English Language are best summed up through the words of the late George Carlin.


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2 Responses to Blogathon 15/13 Linguistics!

  1. Masher says:

    Pre-order. Never really thought of it before, but yes, you are dead right.

    Or… right.

    Interestingly, in my head, I have a similar sort of post lined up. I’m tempted to say you’ve pre-empted me, but I’m scared to now.

  2. Allister says:

    I guess I see your point after watching that. Though I disagree with his assessment of “near miss”.