Blogathon 23/13 Tired





the evening after the morning after the night before…





7.30pm and I am sprawled on the couch/settee/sofa (whatever) and not, as I should be, in the Cineworld cinema in MK, watching Argo.

I will, however, be there at noon tomorrow, but watching Cloud Atlas, instead.

Why Cineworld in Witney has almost every screen showing Wreck It Ralph, whilst the good films are shown at other Cineworld cinemas… well… I just have no idea. I can only assume it’s because the local Cineworld manager assumes everyone in Oxfordshire has an IQ of 14.

Anyway, last night’s festivities…

We didn’t make it to any of the previously named pubs in Witney; we went to Jericho in Oxford.

There was Tapas and beer in a proper Spanish restaurant, where I spoke Spanish.

There were drinks in a pub.

Followed by drinks in another pub.

Followed by drinks in a cocktail bar.

There was crawling in to bed at 3am.

And getting up at 8am.

At 10.30am I began a 250-mile round-trip on the Bandit, in sub-zero temperatures, to deliver a thing.

And not long ago I had the hottest, longest shower to warm myself up.

And now, feeling very done in and knackered, I am (as mentioned) sprawled.

And tired.

I might hit the bed but there’s a telephone call scheduled for later.

And I haven’t spoken to my daughter today, either.

Bed then, with the Nexus 10, a mug of hot chocolate and the mobile phone.

Any. Minute. Now.

Woo, rock and roll!

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One Response to Blogathon 23/13 Tired

  1. Masher says:

    But, you’ve already seen Argo!
    Cloud Atlas looks interesting though.

    And… 250 miles? On a motorbike? In this weather?