More flooding in Worcestershire

It had to happen.

The last lot of rain has barely drained away from the land in to the local river network that is already swollen and – in a few places – overflowing.

The last 12 hours of rain has been the bridge too far.

Coming back from Droitwich at 13.30 I had to take a detour because the A38 was closed by the Morrison’s roundabout.

Water was pouring upwards out of the drains.

People were trying to drive through water levels of 2′ and over.

Three cars were abandoned across the road (in a ‘conked out’ kind of way).

I’ve declined to ride later today.

The roads are flooded and I expect even the arena is temporarily out of action until this downpour stops nd the water drains away.

Driving to Droitwich this evening to pick up The Lovely S might be an interesting experience!


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