Getting filming again

Had a delicious little trundle on the VFR today.

The return route brought me through Bampton and then turned right across the brow of the slight rise before Lew, from where one has a good view of the aircraft on various hardstandings at Brize.

Two aircraft in Ryanair livery, just sitting about.

In other news, I’ve just bought a cheap HD helmetcam from the wonder that is Ebay.

I’m not sure where I’m going to mount it, there are positive and negative arguments for both options.

I like the POV that a bike-mounted camera gives, in relation to the road. However it is a fixed view, and goings-on, on the edge of vision, could be missed.

At first thought, the obvious choice. Except I use my mirrors a lot, I use life-savers a lot and I use peripheral vision a lot (so the camera would be constantly flicking from left to right and over my shoulder). You also don’t get the relationship with the road (angles and banking/lean) that a bike-mounted camera gives you.


I need to not overthink this – it is just a very cheap camera.

I bought it after a run-in with a completely mental motorist in the multi-storey car park in Witney.

As I was sitting on my bike, behind her car which she’d stopped in the exit of the car park, listening to her ranting at me and blaming me because she hadn’t seen me, the motorist behind me got out of his car and said to me, ‘I’ve got the whole thing on camera if you want to take it further’.

Which was nice of him, but I said no.

But yes, particularly after the experimental rearwards- and forwards-facing filming I did from the car last year, I feel it is time to get filming from the VFR.

Because that driver in the multi-storey car park was a vein of rich comedy gold.

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2 Responses to Getting filming again

  1. Masher says:

    The clue is in the name: “Helmetcam”… it means it goes on the helmet 😉
    Try both and see what gives the best results.