Anatomy of a kind of insomnia

  • 2.45am, gets up for a wee
  • Goes back in to bed
  • Rubs eye
  • Dislodges contact lens
  • Goes back to bathroom
  • Removes lenses
  • Goes back to bed
  • Now wide awake
  • Gets up
  • Makes tea
  • Goes back to bed
  • Drinks tea
  • Picks up phone
  • Checks news
  • Gets Really Fucking Angry
  • Gets up
  • Makes hot chocolate
  • Goes back to bed
  • Checks time
  • 3.30am
  • FML
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2 Responses to Anatomy of a kind of insomnia

  1. Masher says:

    Yeah, well never mind all that… you got any idea why you no longer appear on my RSS feed reader?
    The last post it shows is The True Cost Of Gas.
    I tried entering it again and it says the URL isn’t valid.

    • Brennig says:

      Herm, that’s a very interesting problem you’ve highlighted.

      My first thought was that since I migrated this website to my local server it has stopped generating an RSS feed. So I checked. And that’s not the case – the website still generates RSS. There are some structural flaws in the feed, but I’ll edit them out tonight.

      My second thought is around the feed you are attempting to read. Can you email me/post the details below?

      The website generates two (but if you enter the website URI in to Feed Validator it only pulls back the first one): and

      I’ve just checked Feedburner and the traffic in the feed is up to date. Feedburner is also showing the daily stats up to and including today. I’m puzzled that you have this problem. What feed reader are you using?

      I’ve just checked the feeds in Feedly and they’re solid in there: