And he did say in a tired voice

Stone me, it’s ten past midnight and we’re still up?

I guess our body clocks must be on holiday time, but the inescapable fact is that even to our tired little selves, the hour of the duvet is upon us.

We’re watching City Slickers 2 (the legend of Curly’s Cold). It’s all about the lost ingredients list for a cure for the ‘flu.

Sophie just wants to make it very clear that Billy Crystal is under-rated. And very funny. Though not as funny as I am, obv.

But even the attractions of City Slickers 2 can’t keep the encroaching tiredness at bay any longer. But I have to tell you something about the film. The character ‘Norman’? It’s not played by the same actor who played ‘Norman’ in the first one.

And it’s also not played by the same actor who played ‘Norman’ Bates in Pyscho.

And it’s also not ‘Norman’ (Fatboy Slim) Cook. Not ‘Norman’ (Stormin’) Schwarzkopf either.

They’re screwin’ with your mind folks, they’re screwin with your mind.


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