Boxing Day roadtrip!

On New Year’s Day almost 365 days ago, I took the Bandit down to WsM for a jolly little trip.

Today (Boxing Day) I took the VFR down to Ace Cafe in That London for breakfast.

When I got home I cleaned the bike up, cleaned me up, warmed me up, and then I wrote a film review about The Raid.

And then I put together a 2m 43s video of today’s little roadtrip.

Those Londoners, they’re totes crazy!

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2 Responses to Boxing Day roadtrip!

  1. Masher says:

    I’m not really one for filtering… unless I’m in a hurry.
    But man, that’s a lot of traffic for Boxing Day! I suppose the sales had started.
    I see the new camera is working well. That’s an interesting perspective from the top of your helmet. Don’t know if the angle of it was making the gaps look narrower than they actually were, but I found myself wincing at some of those gaps you went through.
    But I’m surprised you even tried to squeeze between that truck and the silver Vauxhall at Staples Corner!

    • Brennig says:

      It was a case of filter or sit still and if one is sitting still one isn’t ‘making progress’ 🙂

      You’re right, the truck/Vauxhall move was foolish, I shouldn’t have gone there.

      The gaps looked more accommodating in real life, I wonder if there’s a slight fish-eye effect on the lense, which gives a slight distortion? I certainly noticed that, on playback, on the M1 northbound clip, the camera makes it look as if I’m doing 125mph and that’s obviously not the case.