Meanwhile, in another galaxy

I’ve been writing film reviews again. I can’t help it. I’m now conditioned to write film reviews, after all the years of high living that writing film reviews has given me.


*wipes tears of not laughter away*


I shouldn’t grumble about the weather. People have been seriously injured through unfortunate weather-related events. And worse than seriously injured.

And it is, after all, the winter (and for all of the faults with the UKs weather system, it is consistent at bringing us rubbish weather at this time of year).

A colleague at work said her father had been without electricity for four days. I thought that was an extreme way to avoid watching the crap that was served up by our television channels, over the festive season.

And let’s be totally honest, this year the calibre of the Christmas viewing that our mainstream TV channels have offered us, has been spectacularly mediocre (even at its best).

But speaking of mediocre viewing…

I am working on an idea, and I sort of need some kind of assistance, sort of. Kind of. A bit. Perhaps. Maybe.

I’m working on a series of *very* short videos; it is a project for a childish audience (4-400 years).

I’ve written the scripts for 25 episodes (I did say they were *very* short, right?).

I’ve sketched out the design of the set backdrop (as much as a person like me – who can’t sketch a straight line with the aid of a ruler) can.

I have a design in mind for the occasional foreground.

What I now need is the cast.

Of two.

Yes, that’s right.

Two characters.

I’m thinking of Action Man-type dolls.

Look, stop asking questions. This will be much quicker if you let me get to the point in my own way. Right?


So, in my head (which is a funny little place at the best of times), I have two Action Man-type dolls dressed as, erm, the subject characters.

I’ll set up the lighting (going to use my portable lighting rig). I’ll mount a camera on a tripod (single angle camera, I only have one pair of hands, and don’t have the patience to coordinate twin-camera shots by myself). I’ll film. I’ll edit the film to my scripts. And then I’ll record, and edit in to the mix, the audio (the audio will be the VO and a musical track as intro, soundbed and outtro). I’ll template the titles/credits, and just copy them in to each episode.

So, as (I hope) you can see, I’m well advanced in the planning of this project.

Except I have a problem.

A teeny tiny sort of a problem.



I actually have none of the Action Manesque dolls.

En to the Oh to the En to the E.


This is, it must be admitted, something more than a minor inconvenience.


So if you happen to know of either one or two Action Man-type dolls, not having much to do for the next couple of weeks, could you let me know?


In other news.

I’m off to various DIY places this weekend to look for suitable material to begin painting the backdrop on.

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2 Responses to Meanwhile, in another galaxy

  1. Masher says:

    You’d think – having a couple of young kids – that I’d be in a position to help you.
    Unfortunately, my boy is of the Xbox generation and has never shown any interest in Action Man or the like.
    Amelia does have a couple of Monster High dolls which are Action Man/Barbie sized, but as she got them from Santa only 3 days ago…


    • Brennig says:

      That’s alright, Masher, I wasn’t asking for donations. You’d have thought that I’d be be to pick a couple up pretty easily by visiting a charity shop or two, but no chance. Oh well, the search continues. Right after I’ve been to a DIY place and bought a small sheet of hardboard (or similar) to pain the background on to.