Blogathon 4/14 – a bloody good servicing

Today, just as soon as I’ve finished work, I’m taking a small detour.

The VFR has a hot date.

She’s going to get serviced to within an inch of her life.

I got the VFR in July 2013.

I had her serviced by Simon, the amazing mobile motorbike mechanic (makes a mental note to tell you the story of the VFR’s servicing by Simon) in August.

Here’s the thing.

The VFR’s former owner did all of the bike’s servicing himself.

He kept meticulous records of what work was done on which dates, what parts were replaced, what was adjusted, which components would need looking at next time.

And he made his notes in the inside rear cover of a Haynes manual for, yep, the Honda VFR800.

When I bought the bike he gave me the manual, which was brilliant of him.

It’s a rolling record of the VFR’s service history.




Yesterday evening, when I got back from my hectic weekend of awesome, I did some housework.

Yeah, you can put the sarcasm away now.

But I did.

I vacuumed upstairs and down.

And then I did the house.



No, seriously.

Then I stripped the bed, turned the mattress, put the linen and some shirts in to a prewash soak.

And then I tidied a bit.

While I was tidying over there *points* I uncovered the VFR owner manual and the VFR’s official service record.

I will confess I’ve spent time reading the previous owners notes, but never glanced at the service record.

Until last night.

The most recent stamp in the VFR’s service book was at 5,000 miles.

The bike has 60,000 on the clock now.


Notwithstanding Simon’s service last year, in Oxfordshire, that’s a hell of a lot of owner-maintained servicing!

So today I picked up the phone and spoke to a local motorbike dealer and, as a result, I shall be handing the VFR over to them after work tomorrow.

This doesn’t mean that commuting duties will fall upon the Daytona.

On Wednesday I have to drive to Darlington (and back) for a work thing.


Drive to Darlington and back.

Because even in the Jag I can drive to Darlington and back for significantly less money than The World’s Most Expensive Railway Network want to charge me for the same journey in cattle class.

Oh yes, and I can drive there and back two hours quicker than The World’s Most Expensive Railway can do the journey.


Maybe the VFR isn’t the only thing that needs taking apart by experts.

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2 Responses to Blogathon 4/14 – a bloody good servicing

  1. Masher says:

    It depends on how good a home service the previous owner gave it, I s’pose.

    I have a couple of mates who I’d trust to service my bike just as much as any Triumph dealer.

    • Brennig says:

      Yeah, I do see the logic of that. And the previous owner was obviously meticulous. But it’s just that thing where you see the last stamp at 5,000 miles and then see 61,000 miles on the clock.