Novelist and storyteller

‘Brennig Jones…

is the author of short stories, and novels, consistently rated as five-star reads.’

My editor said those words, but don’t take her word for it. Have a look at the reader reviews for my books on Amazon, Goodreads, and Audible. I’m a working writer, this is what I do for a living. I write fast-paced, visceral, and intellectual, cross-genre fiction, and it’s all set in the right here, right now.

Cross-genre means you’ll find action, adventure, and edge of the seat thrills in my books. There might be a sprinkle of romance, because we all need a little love now and then. But relationships (good and bad), are a large feature in my work.

There will be heroes and heroines, there will be villains and villainesses, and there will be twists, because I love a good twist. Or two. Or more.

The Tempest series has all of these things, and blending it all together is a tiny amount of fantasy (a little like Groundhog Day), because it really works.

If you like the sound of those books, there’s a lot more information on the shop page where you can browse and read stuff at your leisure, just like a real bookshop!

My publisher is offering a special discounted price for the Tempest and Storm books together. Or you can get them in Kindle or Paperback from Amazon if you prefer, but unfortunately Amazon copies are unsigned and Amazon only sell them for the full list price.

So, browse this website, have a look around. Whatever you came here for, I hope you find it and, more importantly, I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here. Thanks for stopping by.