Well, it’s taken just over a year, a couple of renames, a lot of self-editing, a professional edit in New York, and some more self-editing (which, to be honest, is a process that I will never completely finish), my second novel, Tempest has been thrust, blinking into the light of day.

Tempest has more than its fair share of twists and turns. Writing a synopsis, or even the cover blurb, without giving plot devices away is a hateful challenge. But here you go, have a look at this:

YOU are a 29-year-old hotshot former Special Forces helicopter pilot. You’re a combat veteran who can take down anyone who gets in your way. You’re an avenging angel, and you make people pay for their crimes.

Your problem is you are stuck in a time loop. You’ve lived the same year a couple of thousand times. Can you get out of the loop? Can you find a love that lasts past a year? And can you succeed with your biggest and deadliest challenge yet?

This is Tempest, my 2023 action, adventure, thriller novel. Tempest is widely available from wherever you buy your paperbacks and your ebooks and even your audiobooks. You can also get it: