Storming in!

I’m very pleased to be able to let you know that Storm has finally arrived. The second book in the Tempest series is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

Or you can get it from your favourite bookshop (just order it with Storm’s ISBN (978-1738440900) or ask the assistant to search the catalogue on my name because that ISBN just trips off the tongue, eh?

You can find the series details on Amazon here. Or you can read the series details on this website right here.

Difficult passage

I’m working on Chapter 36 in the third novel in the Tempest series. The last third of the previous chapter has a rapid build to an ‘Oh My God!’ climax. That chapter leaves the reader on a cliff-hanger.

For precisely those two reasons, the writing of Chapter 36 delivers a series of changes:

  1. There’s a change of narrator, which necessitates
  2. A change of voice. And that means
  3. A change of style, because this narrator isn’t just a different person, she has
  4. A different perspective of the world, and in turn this gives her
  5. Contrasting values which means
  6. She moves through life at a different pace and
  7. Sees everything through a distinctive lens, her world’s-eye-view is wholly different.

I have been working on Chapter 36 (fluctuates between 1,200 – 1,400 words) for five hours. I’m finally at the point where I think it’s right. But I want a second opinion. I need to know whether the voice change, the pace change, the different view, have been successful.

However, I know I can’t share it with anyone, to ask for their views, because of what occurs in the preceding chapter. And to make Chapter 35 relevant, they’d have to have read Chapter 34. And so on, back to Chapter 1.

This is today’s writing dilemma. This is today’s difficult passage.