Spaniel chat

Hello. This blogpost (we don’t believe that’s a word) is a collaborative effort. It is being written by us four spaniels (stop doing that, Chewie). We are doing this to tell you what life is like while the human with the hairy face (daddy) taps and tuts and taps some more.

Life is hard here. We are forced to endure periods of time when he ignores us (stop doing that, Chewie). It isn’t fair that he taps and tuts and taps some more almost non-stop (CHEWIE!) from when he starts until when he finishes. We would tell you when that is but we can’t tell the time, sorry.

He does stop for lunch, which is good. And he does make sure we get our lunch, which is how it should be (Pugsley, stop trying to eat Mavis’ face). But five days a week he sits and taps and tuts and taps some more and he only takes us out into the garden twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. Yes, he does take us all for a big walk around the village before he starts tapping, tutting, and tapping some more. And he does take us all for a big walk around the village after he has finished tapping, tutting, and tapping.

(Mavis, have you farted again?)

And he talks to us which is lovely but he doesn’t give us enough treats which is not lovely. He tells us things. Things about what he’s tapping, tutting, and tapping some more about. He tells us people’s names. And he tells us what they’re doing. There’s this one person called Kim Mi-cha who sounds like she needs a dog in her life. Her first name is Mi-cha and her family name is Kim and none of us dogs here can understand why it’s that way round but it’s probably not important.

There’s this other person who kissed this other person (you know what I mean) and then hurt them and we don’t understand that because we’re only dogs but we do like kissing and we don’t do hurting, except for Robyn when she sits on you because she’s a very heavy girldog even if she is an actual princess.

Anyway, that’s the news from here from us four. We would love to have some choklit but daddy says we can’t have any because it’s bad for us and then he eats it all and that just seems unfair. He says he’s nearly finished tapping and tutting and tapping some more on this book, whatever a book is. But he also says he’s planning to do more tapping and tutting and tapping on another book when this one’s finished and all we want to do is play and sleep and eat. If you could tell daddy that, we would all be very grateful. Thank you (stop doing that, Chewie).

The spaniels