Storm: audiobook

The news from here (sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve been even busier than I normally am!) is that work has started on turning Storm (book #2 in the Tempest series) into an audiobook. It will be a slightly different listener experience from the first audiobook in the series because Storm will have two ‘voices’.

I needed a distinctive English voice for one character, while Laura’s voice continues from the Tempest audiobook. It was relatively easy to write for two voices, but making it work in the audiobook is a different challenge.

I have had to modify the final chapter to make it ‘fit’ the narrative the two voice actors will bring – this is distinctively different to the ‘voice’ a reader of the paperback or the ebook will have.

I’m tremendously excited by this project, and can’t wait to hear the finished work. I have chosen two top-class voice actors to narrate the book, it won’t be too easy for them, but they’ve risen to the challenge!

You can click this link to see Tempest and Storm on Amazon. Or, if you prefer, you can get both paperback books here at a special discounted price.