Big news!

I’m thrilled to be about to tell you that the third book in the Tempest series – Hurricane – is available as a Kindle and a paperback.

If I had to describe the three books so far, I’d say that Tempest is pitched at a medium-fast pace; it’s about the speed of one of the better Jack Reacher books. About 50% of Tempest is set in the USA, 40% is in Latin America and 10% is in Europe.

Storm is a more collected/considered read because the story is told by two voices. The story is about 80% based in South Africa and 20% in the UK. Both Tempest and Storm have a moderate degree of violent scenes.

Hurricane is a return to a single narrator. The story is almost entirely based in the Far East (Japan/Korea); it’s the fastest ride yet and Hurricane has an astonishingly high bodycount.

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