… and words will never…

Sitting at my desk this afternoon.

My boss quietly walked up behind me, said “Hi” and sat down in the vacant chair.

Are you going to be ok with that thing we spoke about earlier?

I looked at her for a moment; she took my silence as an affirmative.

It’s a very tight timescale.”

I stared at her for another few seconds and then said, “Yarp.”

Her turn to sit silently and stare.

Obviously  not seen Hot Fuzz.

But inside I was peeing myself.



One thought on “… and words will never…

  1. Hiya Mallow,

    It may be a cultural thing rather than just a comedy thing.

    I loved the setting, I know the city of Wells like the back of my hand, loved the way they used the city to suit their own ends.

    But yeah, I found the whole thing brilliant!

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